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The Kingdom of Thailand lies in the heart of Southeast Asia, Its shape and geography divide into four natural regions : the mountains and forests of the North; the vast rice fields of the Central Plains; the semi-arid farm lands of the Northeast plateau; and the tropical islands and long coastline of the peninsula South.


Thailand embraces a rich diversity of cultures and traditions. With its proud history, tropical climate and renowned hospitality, the Kingdom is a never-ending source of fascination and pleasure for international visitors.
The country comprises 76 provinces that are further divided into districts, sub-districts and villages. Bangkok is the capital city and centre of political, commercial, industrial and cultural activities, so it is a good advice to take a city tour guide.
The climate is influenced by seasonal monsoon. There are three main seasons; Rainy (May-October), Winter (November-January) and Summer (February-April).
Thailand is justifiably famous for its wonderful food, and Bangkok is the place to find Thai specialities from all over the country. Spicy salads from the North east, curries from central Thailand, seafood from the south. From sophisticated air-conditioned restaurants to roadside noodle stalls, you'll find food is everywhere…

Bangkok is a city of contradictions: A buzzing metropolis with a laid back attitude, elegant temples and palaces stand side by side with romanesque concrete skyscrapers, charming wooden houses and bangkok massage parlours.
Bangkok is a city that never sleeps, with a selection of restaurants, ancha massage outcall service, go-go bars, pubs and discotheques unrivalled in Asia. To relax from sightseeing you can order Ancha Massage Service to your Bangkok Hotel.
Bangkok's nightlife is sure to provide you with excitement and enthusiasm, and whatever your age, persuasion, orientation or taste, you can be sure that Bangkok nightlife will deliver. Having a good time in Bangkok is within reach of most people's pockets and will not cost you a fortune.
Unlike many capital cities, Bangkok does not only have one centre for adult entertainment. There are an abundance of venues of all types, both local and international, all over the city, so no matter where you stay, you are sure to find some nightlife that suits you, and is memorable, at a very reasonable price.


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